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MP3: The Changes

It seems like November is slowly turning into Chicago music month here on scissorkick. Without any planning, we've already posted Quantazelle, Sam Prekop and L'altra (with Pit er Pat on the way), and today you get a nugget from Windy City locals The Changes who are quickly becoming a Fall favorite on the heels of their excellent EP, "The Machinery" available here. As is a prerequisite for carrying the infamous "The" prefix in a band name, you can expect some garage rock tendencies but delivered in a much more complex package that balances jazz-rock (Steely Dan, Sea & Cake), dance punk (check the break in "The Machine"), and breezy indie prep-school groove (Death Cab, Aluminum Group) with a vintage 80s sound recalling the The Fall and Police. They are most certainly a band on the cusp of great things and I bet my nearly 30 years that they will take over the indie press as soon as a full-length drops. You can listen to six more tracks on their Web site by clicking here.